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Tom Brimeyer Scam – The causes of hyperthyroidism

In general, the causes of hyperthyroidism depends on the genetic predisposition, the amount consumed iodine, the patient’s age. The main diseases associated with hyperthyroidism – Thus, hyperthyroidism may be the consequence of Graves’ disease. This disease belongs to the category of autoimmune, i.e. immunity of the patient begins to attack its own tissues.

In this case, produced antibodies directed against thyroid cells. The mechanism of this disease is not completely investigated, but it is believed that the disease leading to a combination of genetic factors and exposure to external factors,i.e. the environment. These factors include: Thyroid Disease Symptoms

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•    Severe stress,

•    Smoking,

•    Elevated blood estrogen  Furthermore, symptoms of hyperthyroidism can be caused by the occurrence of autonomous nodes – nodes are such as to “per se” and are not subject to the brain, resulting in excessive amounts of blood ejected hormones.

This disease is called nodular toxic goiter. The incidence of this disease depends on the nature of the terrain – how foods rich in iodine. But the increased uptake of iodine can also cause hyperthyroidism.

As a rule, a few weeks after the cessation of iodine saturation are the main symptoms. An increased formation of hormones and can cause inflammation of the thyroid gland. So-called secondary hyperfunction caused by excessive release of thyroid-stimulating hormone pituitary adenoma. However, these diseases are very rare and account for about one percent of all diagnosed cases of hyperfunction.