Hypothyroidism Revolution – Herbal treatment of thyroid

Thyroid medication walnuts can be carried out simply use them for food. Three or four of them every day will be enough; notes more effective various infusions of leaves and walnut septum.

Tincture of partitions – One cup of walnut septum placed in a quart jar and fill with vodka. Insist week after the filter, and it is ready for use. You will take a teaspoon after meals three times a day. The course of treatment is at least three months with weekly intervals after every 10 days of receiving infusions Thyroid Disorders

happy womanTincture of leaves and green shell for outdoor use – Green shell and chop the leaves. Take 3 tablespoons of this mixture; pour a glass of boiling water. Infuse one hour drain. The resulting infusion is used as a means to compress, which makes the evening and kept until the morning. Treatment is carried out for about three months. Herbal treatment of thyroid

– At low thyroid function is recommended to use fees herbs to improve metabolism and stimulate the thyroid gland. Take two of the grass cocklebur, three parts of nettle leaves, one of the leaves wood wax seeds Echinops, Eleutherococcus root and dandelion. Spoon half of this collection boil 0.5 liters of water for about 5 minutes. Infuse for an hour. Take 100 ml of 4 shortly before a meal twice a day.


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